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Health Programs for the Workplace

The health of your employees is vital to their job performance. MCI occupational health programs have been specifically designed to offer efficient and convenient medical care to protect your human resource investment. MCI specializes in customizing occupational health services to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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Pre-Placement, Periodic & Post Medicals

A pre-placement examination will assess and serve as "baseline" physcial fitness for a potential hire who has been offered a conditional offer of employement, or a newly hired worker to determine whether or not they are suitable for the demands of the job. The Periodic and Post examination are required to assess the workers who are exposed to any designated substances and/or required to operate any equipment where standard and regualtions are required. It is designated to assess the long-term health and wellness of your employee and the organization.

MCI THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE™ will customize each assessment to meet your organization's specific requirements. We determine fitness based on the physical demands of the employee's job. You will receive same day verbal reporting on the fitness status of your employees and written confirmation will be mailed to you.

Marine Medicals

This examination is required for the medical fitness of seafarers as set out in the Marine Personnel Regulations made pursuant to the Canada's Shipping Act 2001 Section 100. We have a certified Marine Medical examiner who will conduct the examination for the purpose such as: initial pre-employment, periodic, return-to-duty and/or to obtain a certificate of competency.

Drug & Alcohol Screening (DOT and non-DOT Testing)

MCI The Doctor's Office has facilities across the GTA to provide urine drug and alcohol screening collections for DOT and non-DOT testing. Our staff is fully certified in accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation and we have a DOT certified Medical Review Officer on staff. We can provide "collection only" services if you belong to a consortium or you may choose our "complete package" which includes collection, analysis and MRO reporting.

For further infomation and a list of all our collections sites please contact us.

On-Site Screening Services

We also offer on-site urine drug collection which is often a more convenient screening tool. This is beneficial for companies who are testing in large volumes, for example a mass hiring or need the urine drug test and the results done right away.

Breath Alcohol Testing

MCI The Doctor's Office has facilities across the GTA that provide breath alcohol testing. Our staff are fully certified and trained as a breath alcohol technician using the Intoximeter Alco Sensor IV. This is within accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation and we have a D.O.T. certified Medical Review Officer on staff.

For further infomation and a list of all our collections sites please contact us.

Driver Physicals (MOT) & Lift Truck Assessments

Our physicians perform commercial driver physicals in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation regulations. Drivers should phone the clinic to book an appointment and please and bring your M.O.T. form.

The Lift Truck assessments are required to identify the fitness of a worker as a forklift truck operator. Health and Safety legislation require that employers ensure employees are competent to do their work and able to do so safely. In Canada, CSA Standard 3335-94 recommends that employers ensure workers are medically fit to operate a forklift. MCI THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE™ will customize each assessment to meet your organization's specific requirements. We determine fitness based on the physical demands of the employee's job. You will receive same day verbal reporting on the fitness status of your employees and written confirmation will be mailed to you.

Click here to download the Ontario M.O.T. form.

Medical Surveillance of Designated Substances

(Lead, Isocyanate, Mercury, Silica, Asbestos,Chromium etc.)

The Ontario Ministry of Labour requires the medical monitoring of employees who are potentially exposed to harmful substances in the workplace. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (RSO 1990) was designed, in part, to protect employees from work related illness and injury. Employees and employers must comply with health and safety regulations pertaining to these "designated substances" which have the potential to pose a health risk to the worker. MCI Medical Clinics conducts all Designated Substance Surveillance programs in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Ontario Ministry of Labour Regulations.

The surveillance program includes a pre-placement medical and periodic medicals, and specific medical testing that is specific to the designated substance used by your company.

For the Ontario Ministry of Labour's Guide to the Occupational Health and Safety Act ensure your selected province is Ontario and then click onto the health and safety regulations link in the top menu.

WSIB Work Related Illness and Injury & Disability Claims Management

At MCI, we understand and promote WSIB Bill 99 and the Early and Safe Return-to-Work program. Our Physicians always consider light or modified duties for injured workers instead of "time off". This "time off" can lead to unnecessary lost time for your company and has been proven to become very costly. We have developed a program that is beneficial to the worker and your company.

The program starts with an agreement between MCI and your company. Our Occupational Manager will discuss with you the nature of the workplace and will inform all our clinics that modified work is available at your workplace. This will guarantee that your injured work will receive treatment at any of our clinics and will be provided with light or modified duties. If requested, the employer will also receive via fax, the FAF consisting specific directions regarding the injured worker's limitations and restrictions. With extended hours and the convenience of walk-in services, your employees avoid lengthy emergency room waits.

Claims Disability Management program is designed to assist employers shorten or even prevent employee absences which reduce cost and maintain productivity in the workplace.

Independent Medicals, Third Party & Return to Work Assessments

Our physicians will assess employees who have sustained an injury or illness and have been absent from work (or on modified duties) for a significant period of time. Our Physician will provide an objective medical opinion of the employee's functional ability against the physical requirements of the job. The company representatives will be able to ask questions they might want answered in regards to their worker like, can they return to work or if there are any limitations/restrictions that a worker may need for a safe and early return to work.

A medical report will be prepared to provide the employer with the following kinds of information:

The Return to Work Assessment is designed to identify the causes of the disability, manage the disability, encourage rehab and make recommendations for the company management team to promote early and safe return to work.

Post Offer Employment Testing (POET)

Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) is used to assure that final applicants for physically demanding jobs have the physical ability to do a job before they begin working. The goal is to reduce work related injuries. Each POET is tailored to your specific needs. Testing consist of the essential functions and task measured in the PDA. Replicated on versatile, BTE testing equipment systems – the premium brand in functional evaluations for over 35 years.

MCI THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE™ gives you optimal, reliable fail rates because our objective testing is fine tuned to reliably detect your next injury – before it becomes a problem for you. This is the most reliable, objective, legally compliant physician abilities testing for screening job candidates.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive exam and evaluation done by a therapist that objectively measures an employee's level of functioning. The test will report to the employer the employees ability, or the lack of ability, to perform the essential job related task. The FCE will determine the physical limitations the employer will need to know to modify the employees job, preventing an injury or re-injury to the same body part.

The FCE will provide the following objective information, to name a few:

  1. The employees functional abilities and job demands
  2. When the employee will return to work
  3. Whether or not the employee can return to the job held prior to the injury
  4. Disability evaluation

MCI THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE™ utilizes BTEs smart evaluation equipment for the most accurate, efficient FCEs and reports.

Laboratory Services, ECG, Pulmonary Function, Audiograms & Vision Testing

We provide laboratory, ECG, Pulmonary Function tests, audiograms and vision testing (Ishihara-colour vision and Snellen- vision acuity) services are available at MCI clinics. If you require any other testing please contact us and we will provide you with assistance.

Immunization & Vaccine Programs

MCI has created an immunization/vaccine program for the workplace to assist workplaces with their blood-borne pathogen policies. This program is a very beneficial that promotes health and wellness for your employees. We also provide on-site programs to make it more convenient for your company and employees. On-site clinics consist of a licensed nurse going into your facility and administering the immunization/vaccine to you workers.

The following more common Immunizations and Vaccines are available:

If you are requesting an immunization/vaccine that is not listed please call to inquire. We can accommodate your request.

Customized Wellness Programs

MCI has created a wellness program that is customized to your workplace. We recognize that every organization is different and the "needs" of the employee may very as well. It has been proven that the benefits of having a wellness program at your workplace increases workers' engagement and overall moral. It is also being pro-active with the health and wellness of your employees.

The benefits of a wellness program include:

We provide a long list of programs for the workplace. Some of the most popular wellness clinics are on-site blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol clinics. You can choose one, two or all three components of these educational and screening programs, depending on your employees' needs and interests. These clinics are very popular with employees, particularly those who do not see their family doctor on a regular basis. These on-site services are a great choice for employee appreciation days, health fairs and health and safety week. Any employee with abnormal results will be advised to follow up with their own family doctor.

Some of the other programs we provide are smoking cessation, weight loss challenges, diabetes, osteoporosis etc.

Industrial Hearing Conservation Program

Noise is perhaps the most common occupational and environmental hazard out there, with an abundant of individuals exposed to potentially harmful sound levels in their workplaces or recreationally. Repeated exposure to noise of 85+ decibels over 8 hours can result in permanent hearing loss. Hearing loss that is caused by exposure to occupational or recreational noise can result in devastating disabilities that can easily be prevented. After age related hearing loss, noise-induced hearing loss is the second most common hearing loss. It can be prevented by using hearing protections such as earplugs or earmuffs or even by avoiding environments with high levels of noise exposure. If an individual is exposed to excessive noise throughout their lifetime or even if it is just a one-time incident, Hearing Excellence strongly recommends that they are screened for potential hearing loss. This screening would involve undergoing a full audiological evaluation.

Many provinces require that all workers who are routinely exposed to noise levels in excess of 85 decibels be tested annually.

Hearing Excellence can help your organization develop your hearing conservation program. We provide onsite hearing assessments and screenings. As a result of our service your organization will see less downtime for your business and a healthier, safer work environment.

Our services include:

Hearing tests are vital because they identify the beginning of noise-induced hearing loss long before workers notice it. As part of the test, workers are individually counseled about the results, the follow-up required, and when a repeat test will occur. Workers are also counseled about the type of hearing protection to use.

Hearing tests must be conducted annually to effectively monitor the hearing of noise-exposed workers. The hearing test, including counseling, takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

If you would like to speak with someone in Hearing Excellence, please email or call 905-333-5061.

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